Slush Mountain / Bjørn Rune Lie

Slush Mountain is a humorous, loving and ironic tribute to the Norwegian winter and ski sport culture – hot chocolate, wet trousers and skiing boots that are too tight. Slush Mountain is a remote mountain village with a lively bunch of people. We get to follow the village from morning to night, and meet a variety of odd creatures – including hard-core skiing enthusiasts, bandits, a romantic couple, an accordion performer and a snowshoe maker. The book is suitable for all who have ever gone skiing — and for those who haven’t!



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    210x290 mm, 54 sider.

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    GULL – Visuelt.

    SØLV – Årets vakreste bøker.

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    Engelsk / Fransk / Koreansk / Slovakisk / Svensk / Tsjekkisk / Tysk.

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