Dear / Mette Karlsvik and Katrin Berge

Aude is a young girl who comes to an overgrown, untouched and mystical island. Here she meets a deer, a big and powerful animal. They make friends, and she rides on the deer’s back through the night-black woods. The deer is bounding too fast, and when the accident happens, the deer sacrifices himself to save the precious child. Aude, who is on the verge between childhood and adulthood, discovers things about the cycle of life and nature. This book is aimed for elder children and young adults.




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  • Format

    210x280 mm, 32 sider.

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  • Kategori

    Bildebok for ungdom / voksne.

  • Priser

    DIPLOM – Visuelt.

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    Bengali / Engelsk (India) / Hindi / Kinesisk (forenklet)

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