BONSAI – A Little Book About Death / Simon Stranger and Hilde Hodnefjeld

Many children experience that relatives pass away. So does the girl in this book. First her granny has to stay in an old people's home, and the girl takes on the responsibility of taking care of her bonsai tree. But she forgets to water it and the day she realizes that the tree is dead, her granny dies too. The girl fears that there's a connection and that she's somewhat responsible for granny's death. This is a charming, humorous and poetic book that encourages conversation about something we all will experience, but which is difficult to talk about.




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    135x180 mm, 110 sider.

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    Illustrert roman.

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    SØLV – Årets vakreste bøker.

    DIPLOM – Visuelt.

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