My Child / Hilde Hagerup og Kristin Roskifte

A mum reflects upon everyday life and parenthood. Is she good enough? Is there any­thing she could do better for her daughter? Isn’t it incomprehensible that she gets to be the mother of the most beautiful girl in the world? We follow their time together through stressful mornings, kindergarden afternoons, play time and home time — through worries and joy. But the greatest thing between them is the eternal mutual love. This is an illustrated gift book for adults, suitable for both mothers and fathers.




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    170x240 mm, 54 sider.

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    Bildebok for voksne.

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    GULL – Visuelt.

    SØLV – Årets vakreste bøker.

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    Japansk, Makedonsk.

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